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Carpet Stubborn Dirt Deep Cleaning

Our Company would use suitable tools together with our professional knowhow to remove the stubborn dirt from carpet. We would select the most appropriate detergent and chemical to process the cleaning.

Extraction Cleaning

Extractor sprays cleaning chemicals on carpet and helps to clean the carpet intensively with a rotating brush, which can reduce friction & fibre degeneration. After brushing the carpet "Stubborn" Dirt & liquid can then be extracted immediately from the carpet and can hardly be remained at the base. Extraction helps to protect the softness of carpet from impairments as relatively less pressure is exerted on the carpet.

Bonnet Cleaning (Absorbent Pad)

A detergent solution will be spraying onto the carpet thoroughly. Then, use a rotary machine and a moistened pad (rayon, cotton, and/or polypropylene) to clean and absord the soil. Bonnet cleaning is a minimum moisture carpet cleaning method. It is among the easiest carpet cleaning methods to learn.

Rotary Shampoo Cleaning

Pre-determined detergent or chemical would be diluted and fill up the Rotary shampoo machine. The machine would directly make use of the solution and the rotary brush to clean up the carpet. This can help to clean up the carpet deep into the base but it is not effectively extract some residual from the carpet. Finally, it will take longer time to let the carpet dry out.

Dry Foam Cleaning

In the dry foam method, an aerator is used to whip the pre-determined solution in a foam. The foam is then dispensed into the rotary machine. Rotating brushes clean up the carpet with the foam. The dry foam method is an effective low moisture, rapid drying carpet cleaning method.
Carpet Stubborn Dirt Deep Cleaning Extraction Cleaning Bonnet Cleaning (Absorbent Pad) Rotary Shampoo Cleaning Dry Foam Cleaning

Marble and Granite Restoration

Our specialist will polish the severely scratched and scrubbed surface until all the damage has been removed. The stone surface will be brought up to its natural luster. This can remove all the old scratches, grime, limes, old sealer and damage stains of the stone. The process is clean and quiet and help to greatly reduce the cost of renovation.

Crystallization Hardening Treatment

Crystallization utilizes a special low RPM polishing machine and a chemical agent that restores the marble to its original luster. This system actually polishes the surface of the marble itself, leaving no chemical residue that requires stripping. There is nothing left on the surface of the marble to yellow or peel. Crystallization is not only cost-effective, it hardens marble surface and make it scuff and stains resistant.

Anti Stain Protective Treatment

We have unique method and special chemical process that totally prevents all staining and etching of marble, limestone and granite from alcohol, juices, soft drinks, cosmetics, cleaners, coffee, food and even oil. Your stone will keep as non-stains conditions at all times.

Marble and Granite Maintenance

Maintenance is the mix of Crystallization Hardening Polish Treatment, Anti-stain Protective treatment, Impregnator Application, Powdering Polish and Stone Restoration to ensure the best possible care for your stones for years to come.

Marble and Granite Restoration Crystallization Hardening Treatment Anti Stain Protective Treatment Marble and Granite Maintenance

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Sweep or dust-mop and clean walk-off mats. Damp-mop or scrub the floor lightly with an automatic floor machine using a neutral detergent solution. Spray-buff or high-speed burnish the floor to restore gloss if there is sufficient (three to five coats) polish remaining on the floor.

Vinyl Restoration Maintenance

Scrub the floor with a rotary machine together with special chemical. If the floor is badly soiled and/or scratched, strip it using the same procedure but substituting a stripping solution. Thoroughly rinse floor and allow it to dry. Finally, apply at least four coats of high-quality commercial floor polish.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Vinyl Restoration Maintenance

Chemical Control

We use highly effectively chemicals to kill pests or to inhibit their feeding, mating, or other essential behaviors. The chemical can be used as a protective treatment when applied at regular intervals or as a knockdown treatment to control existing larvae.
Chemical Control

High Pressure Water Gun

By applying the 'High Pressure Water Gun' as well as high efficiency & environmental friendly cleaning agent, to flush and clean large area of outdoor venue.